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Joint Energy Supplier Forum

Our biannual Joint Domestic and Non-domestic Energy Supplier Forums are aimed at highlighting key market changes that could have material impacts for independent suppliers. The forums provide a platform for independent suppliers to exchange information and views, and to discuss common issues and concerns affecting energy policy, regulation and industry governance.

Members have diverse company backgrounds, objectives and customer profiles - there is no such thing as a “typical independent supplier” - and the monthly meetings attempt to address the needs and concerns of each member.

We have recently revamped the Forum, so a typical meeting will now focus on one to two ‘focus issues’ - the most important developments in the month chosen by members, with external visitors invited to support these discussions and to allow independent suppliers to feedback their views in a more targeted manner.

For more information or to discuss membership options please contact us at enquiries@cornwall-insight.com or 01603 604400.

Next event:
13th December 2017

This course cannot be booked online, please contact Richard Wetherall on 01603 604422 or via email