Energy Market Consultant

Phone: 0417 203 630

Andrey is a Energy Market Consultant at Cornwall Insight, with 14 years’ commercial experience primarily within LNG and Renewables industries, having previously worked at Uniper SE, Gazprom M&T and E.ON.

Andrey has a track history of delivery in LNG origination, gas trading analytics, Hydrogen business development and Battery energy storage project management. This experience is underpinned with Bachelor of Finance, MBA Diploma in Management and further education in Data Science and Python programming.

Andrey works with leading energy companies on issues relating to market modelling, individual transactions and investment strategy. He advises major energy suppliers on battery storage revenue modelling, supports companies through retail market entry and consults on investment due diligence projects.

Andrey also brings a specialism in Small scale LNG functions and delivery to the team.