BESS Modelling Consultant

Mobile: 0497 699 165

Mostafa is a BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) Modelling Consultant at Cornwall Insight, with more than five years of experience in developing models to optimise the investment and performance of emerging energy storage technologies such as batteries and hydrogen storage, considering their participation in various markets including the energy and FCAS markets. He also has extensive experience in data analysis, visualisations, and drawing insight from data.

Prior to joining Cornwall Insight Australia, Mostafa has worked at AGL Energy Load Forecasting team as a data analyst. He was responsible for developing and fine-tuning machine learning and statistical models to forecast AGL customers’ gas and electricity demand. Also, he performed analysis to provide insight into the impact of different factors on customers’ demand and the source of forecast errors.

Key projects: optimization of size and operation of emerging energy storage technologies including batteries and hydrogen storage and evaluating their financial viability, modelling AEMO’s FCAS regulation causer pays methodology