Luke is an analyst within the Wholesale team, contributing to a variety of daily, weekly and monthly reports across wholesale pricing, renewables and flexibility services.

Luke’s focus is on flexibility, where he is involved in the production and delivery of the frequency response and balancing mechanism reports.  

Luke joined Cornwall Insight in November 2020 after graduating from the University of Bristol with a Masters degree in Environmental Geoscience with study abroad.

Latest thinking

Energy storage and flexibility

Dynamic Regulation launches

National Grid ESO (NGESO) launched the Dynamic Regulation (DR) service on 8 April, with the first auction held at 14:30 on the EPEX auction platform. DR is the second new product that the ESO has introduced to manage frequency on the system, as the system operator introduces a suite of...

Energy storage and flexibility

The changing face of flexibility markets

Flexibility markets are undergoing a period of evolution in Great Britain, as the electricity system operator (ESO) looks to transition away from the legacy response and reserve services to a new suite of faster-acting services which are designed to support a zero-carbon grid. We saw the first of these new...

Energy storage and flexibility

The new face of frequency response – 1 year of Dynamic Containment

In October 2020, National Grid Electricity System Operator (NGESO) implemented the soft-launch of the Dynamic Containment (DC) service, the first in a new suite of faster-acting frequency response services. Since its launch, the DC service has been the most lucrative response service and has grown considerably in the past year....