Energy Modelling Manager

Mobile: +61 497 700 310

Sean is the Energy Modelling Manager in Cornwall Insight’s Australian office, with over six years of experience in the Australian energy sector. Before his time at Cornwall Insight, Sean led the Electricity Market Modelling team at an Australian electricity provider. Prior to that, he was a Senior Market Modelling Consultant at a top-tier management consulting firm.

Sean delivers energy sector insights and quantitative analysis to support strategic decision-making for policymakers, generators, retailers and investors. His experience includes dispatch and generation mix modelling using PLEXOS and other optimisation-based models, as well as commercial modelling and demand forecasting. He is also skilled in design and development of robust and repeatable end-to-end modelling processes.

Sean has strong ability to communicate complex concepts and translate them into actionable and practicable recommendations for his clients to support decision-making.