Energy Market Modelling Consultant

Phone: +61 428 352 984

Shaz is an Energy Market Modelling Consultant at Cornwall Insight Australia. With experience modelling energy systems for a variety of stakeholders in both consulting and regulatory environments, he is equally comfortable developing market models and translating their outputs into actionable insights. In addition to supporting the delivery of the firm’s Benchmark Power Curve report and training services, he delivers consultancy projects for companies across the energy supply chain as they navigate the energy transition.

Formally trained in chemical engineering and commerce, Shaz has previously worked in climate change and energy consulting where he helped design decarbonisation strategies and net-zero pathways for corporations and governments. Prior to joining Cornwall Insight Australia, he was a market modelling analyst within the Forecasting team at the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) where he developed novel modelling techniques and communicated insights for flagship system planning publications, including the Integrated System Plan and the Gas Statement Of Opportunities. Specific topics of focus included the operability of high-VRE electricity systems and the coupling of the electricity, gas and transport sectors.

Latest thinking

Energy storage and flexibility

Cornwall Insight Australia develops 5-minute model for Benchmark Power Curve

Cornwall Insight Australia has developed a 5-minute model for their Benchmark Power Curve (BPC), improving the granularity of their price forecasts from 30 minutes to 5 minutes dispatch for the first five years of the 30-year forecast. Cornwall Insight Australia’s BPC helps market participants understand trends in future prices and...