• Commercial and market outlook

    Selling out the ARENA – how grants for renewables have changed over time

    The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) was one of those rare institutions that managed to survive the political energy battles over the last decade. Initially established in 2012, ARENA has dispensed over $1.9b in funding to date to support renewable technologies, often at the ‘pre-commercial’ stage. The ARENA funding gives...

  • Energy storage and flexibility

    Australian Chart of the week | When they were up they were up – have we underestimated DER

    It has been a big couple of months for Distributed Energy Resources (DER), especially in relation to the policy and regulations that will play a large role in how these assets are controlled in the future. Over the last month we have seen Energy Networks Australia release their Open Energy...

  • Energy storage and flexibility

    Australian Chart of the week | Where in the market are battery storage revenues?

    Storage is seen as a technology that will solve many of the issues on the grid. This includes providing peaking energy, correcting frequency events and providing network support. In this Chart of the week, we take a look at four battery storage systems currently active in the NEM. These are...