business energy

  • Regulation and policy

    Adjustments to the Energy Bill Relief Scheme

    In October, the government announced a number of adjustments to the Energy Bill Relief Scheme (EBRS) for non-domestic consumers. In this week’s 'Chart of the week', we look at the impact of the maximum discount on those businesses that have been unable to fix their energy costs.

  • Business supply and services

    Chart of the week | TPIs earn 20% more from business energy deals

    This week’s Chart of the Week is taken from our recent Third Party Intermediaries (TPIs) in the Business and Industrial Supply Markets report. The chart explores the revenues available to SME and I&C TPIs from negotiating business energy contracts and highlights that in 2019 TPIs could target a significantly larger revenue pool compared to 2018.  In...

  • Business supply and services

    Chart of the week | Price is king for TPIs

    Over the last 18 months, suppliers of all sizes have been under pressure to reduce costs, resulting in increased use of automation, streamlined back office functions and in some instances a reduced product offering. These external pressures have led many suppliers to service the TPI channel in a different, and reportedly...

  • Business supply and services

    Chart of the week | Concentrate! Competitive trends in business energy

    In terms of competition, the business energy market is more engaged. Many businesses are familiar with choosing a supplier and there is a thriving third-party intermediary (TPI) sector to support them. Using data from Cornwall Insight’s latest business market share surveys we examine the competitive trends in the business energy...