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    Chart of the week | A short guide to RO mutualisation

    On 7 November Ofgem confirmed that the mutualisation for the Renewables Obligation (RO) has been triggered for 2018-19 (Compliance Period (CP) 17), the second consecutive year this has happened.  With an initial shortfall in the buy-out payments of £206.0mn, this week’s Chart of the Week takes you through the RO mutualisation process...

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    Chart of the week | RO mutualisation to return in 2018-19?

    As generators are receiving their final Renewables Obligation Certificates (Rocs) for generation during compliance period (CP) 17 (2018-19) of the Renewables Obligation (RO), eyes will soon be turning to suppliers regarding the upcoming compliance deadline this summer. Our Chart of the Week highlights our current forecast shortfall in the CP17 buy-out fund,...