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    Ticking Clock

    With the political debate regarding energy prices and their impacts on the cost of living – not to mention the economy at large – the default tariff cap announcement for Summer 2022 from Ofgem at the start of next month is the most anticipated since the cap’s inception.

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    Chart of the week | Default tariff cap set to rise by at least £100 for coming winter

    The default tariff price cap for a typical dual fuel direct debit customer looks set to increase by over £100 for the Winter 2021-22 period, according to an initial assessment from Cornwall Insight’s bi-annual tariff cap predictor. The latest forecast for the cap indicates that it will increase to around...

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    Chart of the week | Scarcer snakes and longer ladders: the tariff game

    With the wholesale market surging by 11% over the last three months, as well as the prospect of a default tariff cap by the end of the year, suppliers of all shapes and sizes have been taking stock and adjusting prices. Between the end of June and the end of...