• Business supply and services

    Supplier of Last Resort true-ups confirmed by Ofgem

    Ofgem has published its decision documents confirming the Supplier of Last Resort (SoLR) true-up claims submitted by energy suppliers and the amounts it has agreed as part of their SoLR levy claim. In this week’s 'Chart of the week', we review the SoLR true-up claims.

  • Energy storage and flexibility

    Chart of the week | The real deal: Recent activity in the PPA market

    In this 'Chart of the week', we outline the latest research from our PPA Market Deals Trackers. We provide this as part of our 'Renewables PPA Market Share' and 'Flexible Asset PPA Market Report'. Through this analysis, we track and record all public deals relating to the PPA market. This...

  • Home supply and services

    Chart of the week | Tariff caps squeeze Big Six profits

    In this week's Chart of the Week, we review SSE’s annual results announcement on 22 May. Now, all of the Big Six have either reported or commented on the financial performance of their energy supply operations since the introduction of the default cap at the start of this year. Their comments...

  • Home supply and services

    Chart of the week | The long game – profits from domestic energy supply

    Understanding just how profitable domestic supply is has been a long-term concern about the energy market. Since 2009, the Big Six have had to publish separate financial accounts for their generation and supply businesses. These “segmental statements” must be issued no later than four months after the end of their...