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    No easy fix: tariff prices remain high

    In response to the unprecedented increases in global gas prices, Ofgem announced last week time limited measures “to help stabilise” the supply market. This includes a requirement for all domestic suppliers to offer existing customers the same tariffs available to new customers from 14 April, echoing changes made by the...

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    Chart of the week | SVT and fixed tariff gap widens

    Prior to the increase of the default price cap on 1 April 2019 to £1,254/year, we reported on 14 March that some suppliers were already positioning their default variable tariffs against the increased cap. We also reported that the gap between default and market-based fixed tariffs was increasing as wholesale...

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    Chart of the week | Mind the gap between default and fixed tariffs

    The first three months of Ofgem’s default tariff cap are nearly at an end. Introduced by the regulator with a claimed typical saving of £76/ year from 1 January 2019, the cap is to increase effective 1 April 2019 by £117/ year for its six-month summer period. The final weeks...