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    Chart of the week | What might compete in upcoming Capacity Market auctions?

    The next round of Capacity Market (CM) auctions are set to take place in March 2021, starting with the T-1 (Delivery Year 2021-22) on 2 March followed by the T-4 (Delivery Year 2024-25) on 9 March. The prequalification window for these auctions have been open since 20 July 2020 and...

  • Low carbon generation

    Chart of the week | Capacity Market oversupply continues – but for how long?

    In this week's Chart of the Week, we put our focus on the Capacity Market as on 13 May 2019, Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Greg Clark wrote to the Delivery Body to update the target procurement volumes for the replacement T-1 2019-20 capacity auction which is being...

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    Chart of the week | Swamped – the T-1 Capacity Auction

    National Grid issued its Electricity Capacity Report (ECR) on 9 July 2018. The Secretary of State replied to this on 9 July confirming the amount of capacity to be procured. This totals 4.6GW in the 2019-20 T-1 Capacity Auction. This week's chart of the week highlights our initial analysis which...