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    Chart of the week | Default tariff cap set to rise by at least £100 for coming winter

    The default tariff price cap for a typical dual fuel direct debit customer looks set to increase by over £100 for the Winter 2021-22 period, according to an initial assessment from Cornwall Insight’s bi-annual tariff cap predictor. The latest forecast for the cap indicates that it will increase to around...

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    Chart of the week | One fifth of suppliers offering cheapest tariff have exited

    Since 2017, 15 suppliers have exited the domestic energy market through Ofgem’s Supplier of Last Resort (SoLR) process. While the exits stem from a range of reasons, many of these companies are likely to have experienced problems in cashflow. These problems are often heightened by very cheap tariffs. This Chart...

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    Chart of the week | A tariff cap is not a price freeze

    The final confirmation of the default tariff cap on 6 November has caused a good deal of commotion. Most notably the announcement from SSE and npower that the cap is a key factor in renegotiating their merger. But, the price cap that will apply from 1 January is just over...