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    Australian Chart of the week | Going for green: record level of wind generation in the NEM

    In the spirit of the Australian Olympic team, instantaneous wind generation in the National Energy Market (NEM) reached new heights during a blustery end to July. Output hit a record 6,427MW at 8:05 pm on 25 July, after breaking 6,000MW for the first time just the day before. In this...

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    Chart of the week | I’ve got the (re)power: extensions & repowering in onshore wind

    With the release of our latest Renewables Pipeline Tracker Report, this week’s 'Chart of the week' analyses the report findings for repowering and extensions of onshore wind sites in GB. This sector of the market has not as yet seen the same attention from policymakers as new build. However, without...

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    Pixie Chart of the week | The changing face of German onshore wind

    The results of the 1 August auction for onshore wind in Germany confirmed a perhaps surprising trend: the sustained fall in auction prices throughout 2017 has been overmatched by the rising prices throughout 2018. Tri-monthly auctions have been held since May 2017. The first delivered a price of €57.10/MWh (£51.40/MWh)...