Helping you make sense of the energy and water sectors


Bespoke Forecasting and Modelling

To maintain margins in an increasingly competitive market, it is crucial that you understand the likely future direction of industry costs and revenues and how these could impact your business models. We make real sense of what the raw numbers mean for your company both in terms of trends, future prospects and, more importantly, business growth.

Cornwall develops bespoke models in response to the specific needs of our clients. We have experience building models of all sizes covering multi-faceted energy markets, which are based on the commercial application of advanced modelling techniques.

Success Stories

Modelling of flexible generation revenue streams

Cornwall developed a model for estimating the potential revenues available to a flexible generation over a 10-year horizon for a large merchant developer. The revenue streams include wholesale power, ancillary services and embedded benefits. The results were presented and are being used to inform their business case.

Capacity Market modelling

Cornwall has undertaken several projects for independent generators wishing to gain an understanding of possible scenarios for GB capacity market capacity market clearing prices and levels of competition. We have developed an internal model that is regularly updated to reflect market conditions.

Embedded benefits modelling

Cornwall was commissioned by a large-scale independent utility to develop a model for estimating embedded benefits over the next 10-years at specific sites. The modelling approach considered potential changes to policy and regulatory direction regarding embedded benefits and provided scenarios of possible outcomes.

The UK power market to 2025

Cornwall worked to provide a detailed overview of the UK power market to 2025. The report examined both the wholesale and regulatory pricing of the market from an independent perspective. Cornwall was responsible for setting out the third party charges that were used in a regulatory submission to Ofwat.

Electricity and gas expenditure outlook

Cornwall provided an independent evaluation of the long-term prospects for the British and Northern Irish electricity and gas markets with comment on the implications for the manufacturer. We were asked to analyse potential trends in the company's annual electricity and gas costs over the period 2013 to 2020 with further assessments provided for 2025 and 2030.