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Bespoke Research

If you have a specific problem, concern or question, Cornwall can provide a full range of bespoke research and consultancy services. We ensure that our services are bespoke, leading edge and practical for all users and ultimately meets your unique needs.

Success Stories

Network charging and supplier obligations for battery storage

This project was undertaken for a large European utility to explore how the current GB market rules for network charging and supplier obligations would impact on battery storage installations

Review of embedded benefits

The work was commissioned by a trade association to review the cost-reflectiveness of embedded benefits given the recent increases and forecasts of upcoming increases. This included analysis of the Triad benefit and how the methodology for calculating Triads could change in the upcoming Ofgem review

Implications of specific regulation of energy brokers

The purpose of the paper was to

  • Summarise how Ofgem has come to lead work to establish a code of practice for energy brokers
  • Set out where this has process set out where this process had reached at the point the study was commissioned and consider where it might go
  • Discuss the implications for energy brokers and suppliers with recommendations for the client

This paper made separate comment on the implications for the SME and I&C sectors.

Business and broker interaction in the energy market

Cornwall commissioned a telephone survey of 508 business energy users (400 micro-businesses and 108 larger users) covering issues including their electricity and gas use and contracts, plus their attitudes to the market. Some of the survey questions concerned the users' attitudes to energy brokers. These questions were posed to understand more on the role played by these important actors in the market, especially as Ofgem was considering whether they require a regulatory framework of their own. This paper contributed to the debate

Survey of energy third party intermediaries

Cornwall was asked to undertake a survey of non-domestic energy third party intermediaries (TPIs). The purpose of the survey was to help the supplier to "understand what improvements to process, reward and recognition can be put in place to ensure we grow the number of viable energy leads coming in to the business via the TPI market". Cornwall designed an online survey and approached just over 50 TPIs seeking their views. The intention of the online survey allowed quantitative comparisons to be made of the value placed by different TPIs on energy suppliers and their services, and was aimed at understanding how TPIs use and value the services they source from energy suppliers on behalf of their customers. Of the 30 TPIs who agreed to participate in our analysis, 25 completed the online survey with 23 follow-up telephone interviews carried out