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Cornwall offers comprehensive energy supplier compliance assessments to examine supplier retail activities against customer-facing GB licence and regulatory requirements.

Assessments are tailored to customer specifications, but can include complete examinations of all customer documents and website materials, and all customer facing interactions and processes.

Each assessment examines practices against the requirements of the supply licence and government legislation, as well as industry best practice. Where any potential non-compliances are identified,  recommendations. Examples of compliant actions are also provided where relevant and available. Each report includes a traffic light rating system to help prioritise changes that may need to be made.

For more information on the Assessments please contact Adam Boorman at a.boorman@cornwall-insight.com or 01603 604417.

Success Stories

Compliance assessment

Cornwall undertook a short review of the supplier's energy supply activities to identify whether there were any gaps or omissions in current compliance with its obligations under its gas and electricity supply licences and relevant legislation

Supplier compliance assessment

We undertook a compliance assessment for a supplier entering the market of the key customer facing documents prior to its go-live in the market Our assessment identified gaps and omissions in compliance with its obligations under its gas and electricity supply licences, industry codes and other relevant legalisation. We also provided detail on where the company was not complying fully with obligations and provided recommendations to correct this