Helping you make sense of the energy and water sectors


Strategy and Business Plan Development

In this highly competitive environment, knowing how to defend existing markets, assess entries into new ones, develop growth strategies, control costs, and profitably invest resources is imperative. With a highly experienced and qualified team of consultants Cornwall has helped our clients grow their core business, successfully launch new segments, and developed and implemented on a business plan that provides industry leading revenue and operating income growth.

Success Stories

Strategy development for flexibility assets

Cornwall provided assistance to an independent developer looking to set its strategy for flexibility assets in the GB market, including storage applications and peaking generation plant. The project included an educational workshop followed by a strategy paper.

Business Strategy development for a public buying organisation

Cornwall was asked for advice on the markets for energy procurement and contract services for public sector and other non-domestic customers to aid in the formulation of a business development strategy for a local authority owned public buying organisation (PBO). We benchmarked the organisation against private sector third party intermediaries and other PBOs for services and charges and set out a number of recommendations for how the organisation could maximise revenue in future.

Business Strategy review

Cornwall provided advice on the energy supply and intermediary markets to aid in the formulation of a business development strategy. In assisting our customer: we benchmarked the level of and type of services and charges applied by the client against comparable rates from other service providers; developed a SWOT analysis on the organisation; and set out initial recommendations for opportunities for developing the existing business and also an initial outline of opportunities in other related areas where the business is not currently active.

Overview of the UK energy market and options

Cornwall was tasked with providing a general overview of the competitive landscape of the UK energy market. We also considered the relationships between independent suppliers and the Big Six.

Developing business cases for battery storage

This project was for a renewables and storage developer. It is focusing on developing a view of the revenue streams, eligibility and interactions for a range of business cases, including behind the meter and standalone installations.