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Issue 641 | Special CUSC

Issue 641 | Special CUSC

Adam Boorman Adam Boorman Senior Regulatory Analyst

Special CUSC Panel Meeting 25 October 2016 Headlines A special meeting of the Panel was held to receive two sets of workgroup reports for CMP264 Embedded Generation Triad Avoidance Standstill and CMP265 Gross Charging of TNUoS for HH Demand Where Embedded Generation is in the Capacity Market and the two supporting enabling proposals. The Panel accepted the reports and industry will now be consulted, with responses due back by 4 November. The Panel also accepted the report for CMP261 Ensuring the TNUoS Paid by Generators in GB in Charging Year 2015/16 is in Compliance with the €2.5/MWh Annual Average Limit Set in EU ...

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