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Highlights - September 2017

Rising wholesale markets increase costs of supply
Wholesale costs in September reached an eight-month high, reaching and stabilising around £340/year for a one year fixed tariff (dual fuel Ofgem medium customer). This is an increase of £40/year since the middle of July. The rise contributed to suppliers making 85 tariff changes in September, however this was 53 less than in August. Of these changes 44 were price increases, 17 decreases and 24 were additions and/ or removals

  • Large and medium suppliers have been more sensitive than smaller supplier to these price movements, with the majority increasing their prices. Small suppliers appear less affected and have only seen an increase of £9/year in their average fixed tariff price

  • •The escalating wholesale costs drove a rise in the price of the cheapest tariffs. 12 suppliers increased the price of their cheapest tariffs, with the largest increases coming from......

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