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Highlights - June 2017

  • For the second time this year, Bulb reduced the price of its single variable tariff. The first price reduction was made at the end of April and saw its price lowered from £910/year to £887/year. The most recent price change (on 27 June) was a decrease in the standing charge, lowering it from 27p/day to 25p/day, decreasing the tariffs cost to £867/year. It is now the cheapest variable tariff in 12 of the 14 regions and the cheapest tariff available in the Southern Scotland region

  • 13 suppliers reduced the price of their cheapest tariffs in June. Nine suppliers are now priced below £875/year at the end of June

  • The largest price change came from Breeze Energy which decreased its tariff from £1,139/year to tariff to £865/year. At the end of the June it was the third cheapest tariff on the market

  • EDF Energy and E.ON UK once again made notable regional changes to the prices of their cheapest tariffs ...

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