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This report now includes information on CMA price transparency measures which took full effect on 23 June 2017

Microbusinesses are defined as business which do not consume more than 50,000kWh of electricity or 73,200kWh of gas per year[1]
The table on page 7 shows that many suppliers have gone beyond the proscribed 73,200kWh maximum in their online quotation tools, perhaps indicating a strategy to encourage larger energy users by offering the same transparency to them as is mandated for microbusinesses
Some suppliers have yet to include an online quoting tool on their website and, those that do not, request personal and business details so that they may contact the customer directly

All online quotes were priced higher than the TPI price (excluding commission)

The largest difference in price was on Crown Gas & Power’s 1 year acquisition contract. Online it was priced 70% (2.08p/kWh) more expensive than its non-uplifted TPI prices
British Gas also priced online at a much higher rate, its prices being 65% (2p/kWh) more expensive online


Two suppliers have started publishing their business tariffs. Bulb offers flexible contract lengths, while Utilita offers 1 and 2 year acquisition contracts.
All suppliers assessed offer 1 year acquisition products
British Gas, E.ON UK and npower remain the only suppliers to offer renewal contracts as standard. All other renewal pricing is bespoke
All Corona Energy tariff types have up to a 5 year contract length. The company offers fully fixed and green gas options for all its contracts
All fixed green gas products ...

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