Helping you make sense of the energy and water sectors

Growing your business in a complex energy retail market? What do you need to know?

Cornwall Insight services are designed to help you at each stage of your company's development.

As a growing supplier we recommend the following services, which will help you formulate market-leading tariffs, track your competitors and stay up-to-date with wider market developments.

  • Market Metrics report (domestic or non-domestic) – by providing an overview of all industry indicators, this quarterly report allows you to analyse your own performance and that of your competitors and spot trends over time, providing you with the information needed to support your business strategy and prove that interventions that you have made are having the desired effect
  • Third Party Charge Forecast – this report provides you with an indication of where third party charges are moving and how this will impact energy bills. It will help you manage your cost base and set market-leading but cost effective tariffs
  • Energy Spectrum – keeping up to date with the pace of change in the energy markets can be a daunting task. Our Energy Spectrum package comprises two publications designed to ensure you stay ahead of the game without taking valuable resources away from your core business

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