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More about Regulation and Policy

Cornwall Insight provides detailed understanding of the ever changing policy and regulatory environment in the energy sector and is able to offer unique insights and strategic support through our highly experienced team. Our analysis enables us to support clients across the sector, including undertaking compliance assessments of suppliers, supporting modifications through the industry change process, bringing innovative offerings to market, and understanding how generator value stacks will evolve.

Additionally, our team are members of the major industry codes and groups, ranging from the BSC and the CUSC, to the government’s EV task force, and targeted charging review. This allows us to not only stay up to date with the latest developments, but also to bring a more nuanced understanding of the regulatory and policy space to projects.


Case Study

Cornwall Insight carried out a detailed compliance assessment of a medium supplier’s operations in the domestic market. This board level assessment was to provide assurance that the supplier was meeting its regulator obligations in regards to its documentation and customer communications.

The assessment included a detailed review of customer facing documentations against licence requirements and industry practice and interviews with key position holders to establish and review internal processes. Findings were presented alongside a series of recommendations and analysis of potential customer harm and regulatory risk from identified non-compliances.

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