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Case Study

Cornwall Insight worked with Ofwat as part of a partnership project to understand the role of third party intermediaries (TPIs) within the newly deregulated water market.

This was delivered by surveying and interviewing a range of market participants, including end users, TPIs themselves and water retailers to understand their views on the market, experiences to date, and recommendations for future developments. This was combined with our understanding of the energy market’s development to provide informed feedback and recommendations for next steps.

More about Water Services

Cornwall Insight has a deep understanding of all aspects of the functioning of the GB water sector, from the continued development of retail competition in the newly opened market, to the operation of price controls and activities of third parties within the sector.

We have used this expertise to support parties through the water sector, including in carrying out competitor research, surveying third party intermediaries to understand their experience of the new market, and supporting parties in understanding the water price controls and how they compare to other regulated sectors. Additionally, we are able to leverage our extensive experience in the energy sector to inform and challenge analysis of water sector and provide additional understanding beyond a more limited scope.

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