FCAS advisory

The prices in Frequency Control Ancillary Services markets are increasing in importance. Now, more than ever, it is paramount to be aware of the future trends and costs for a project, whether you are an FCAS provider or a renewable generator.

Cornwall Insight Australia’s ‘FCAS price curves’ service provides subscribers with a granular settlement period price forecast for all eight FCAS markets over a 20-year period. Our innovative forecasting model utilises a statistical bid-based approach at the DUID level to allocate optimal dispatch over the eight FCAS markets, while incorporating energy market information and dispatch from our industry recognised and widely adopted ‘Benchmark power curve’ price forecast model.

Following the release of our most recent FCAS price curve report, we invite you to join us to review and discuss the outcomes in depth. We will look at the main drivers of change in each of the FCAS markets.

This webinar is a chance for our customers to ask questions about the curves, current trends, and future outcomes in FCAS markets.

If you are interested in learning more about our FCAS price curves subscription insight service and attending this webinar, please contact our experts via enquiries@cornwall-insight.com.au or call +61 406 238 023.

Please contact us for more information training@cornwall-insight.com