Electricity settlements: From the meter to the bank

This course runs across four days:

  • Session 1: 22 February 10am – 12pm
  • Session 2: 23 February 10am – 12pm
  • Session 3: 24 February 10am – 12pm

Electricity markets require accurate quantification of power volumes flowing onto networks and consumed at premises to assign industry charges to parties, especially suppliers. However, the majority of meters are not read frequently enough to have immediate actual data for each thirty-minute settlement period that is required by market rules. Electricity Settlements: From the Meter to the Bank will help you understand the mechanics that underpin central industry cashflows and charges that arise from the process of settling metered energy volumes.

This course, delivered over 3 two-hour sessions, will explain the role of the key players in the settlement landscape, detail the role of the electricity meter ‘agents’, including data collectors and aggregators, and how profile classes are used to create half-hourly data for non-half-hourly meters. Our experts will also describe the performance assurance regime for ensuring industry data is accurate, how settlement data is used elsewhere in the industry to levy charges including networks and policy scheme costs. We conclude by looking at Ofgem’s programme of work to introduce market-wide half-hourly settlement for all.

Who’s it for?

  • Suppliers – particularly those involved with pricing and settlement
  • Metering companies – particularly those active in agency roles, including data collection and aggregation
  • Regulator and government officials – particularly those involved in industry code change and smart metering 

What does it cover?

  • Overview of settlement landscape
  • Metering assets
  • Metering agent roles
  • Half-hourly and non-half-hourly settlement processes, including profiling
  • Performance assurance
  • Use of settlement data elsewhere in the cost chain
  • Ofgem’s Market Wide Half-Hourly Settlement Significant Code Review

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