Introducing the GB energy markets

This course will be held over three consecutive days via webinar, from 10am – 12pm.

Introducing the GB energy markets is essential for anyone needing a comprehensive grounding in the operation and make-up of the GB gas and electricity markets. The GB energy sector is one of the most complex and rapidly changing markets in the world. To successfully operate in the market, you need to understand its structure and how the parts fit together.

Introducing the GB energy markets delivers learning on how the market structure encourages lower carbon emissions, good customer outcomes, and the reasons energy bills rise and fall.

Designed for

  • those starting a career in the energy industry
  • those working in the energy industry who have limited knowledge of gas and electricity markets
  • people working for companies that support those in the energy industry

Areas of focus

  • market design principles
  • key industry players
  • policy schemes
  • cost drivers
  • legal and regulatory frameworks

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