Introducing the low-carbon heat landscape

The low carbon heat sector is on the verge of significant policy and regulatory development. Energy demand for heat is an important contributor to UK carbon emissions and net zero means that government needs to take action now.

The development of the low carbon heat sector will present opportunities and risks to new and existing energy market players. This training session will unpack the scale of the challenge ahead, current and future policies, and potential decarbonisation trajectories. We will look at current policies such as the Heat Networks Investment Project and key technologies including heat networks and heat pumps.

Attendees will participate in group exercises to highlight the range of potential technologies that can be deployed to hit or support net zero and learning will be underpinned by the use of case studies of decarbonizing economies and locations.

Designed for

  • Businesses in the energy sector looking to understand the heat landscape and decarbonisation pathways
  • Government, policy-makers and regulators looking for an holistic overview of the heat markets, policies and players.
  • Those working for companies that support those in the energy industry and needing a grounding in how the sector is likely to evolve and implications for those currently active in the market.
  • Investors, asset providers, and Local Authorities looking to understand the opportunities provided by heat decarbonisation.

Areas of focus

  • Current heat needs.
  • Net zero emission policy
  • Future decarbonisation pathways
  • Key technologies
  • International comparisons

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