Practical energy risk management

This in-depth training session has been developed by experts with years of experience in managing risks within the energy sector. This advanced-level training session will explain in detail the methods used to identify a range of risks faced by commercial entities (such as market, political, regulatory and systemic risks) and approaches to manage and mitigate them. We look at ways to quantify risk, including an overview of value at risk and, as with other elements of the course, reinforcing learning with exercises. Case studies are used to show how different actors in the value chain typically approach risk management.

Designed for

  • Strategy managers 
  • Traders and trading analysts
  • Generators and developers
  • Suppliers
  • Pricing analysts
  • Business development managers

Areas of focus

  • Approaches to risk management
  • Wholesale energy market risks, quantification, management tools and portfolios with optionality
  • Illustration and implementing Value at Risk
  • Case study to work through applicable risks, risk management and frameworks, and risk management in action activity

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