Understanding today’s GB electricity market

This course will be held over three days in two-hour sessions.

Getting to grips with the GB electricity market can be a daunting task. There is a wealth of information available, but recognising how the pieces fit together can be tough. Understanding today’s GB electricity market will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the electricity sector value chain and the rules and incentives that underpin the commercial landscape.

Areas of focus

  • market design and frameworks
  • interactions between wholesale and retail markets
  • system balancing and trading principles
  • political influences
  • legal and regulatory frameworks
  • costs and charges
  • possible future directions for the industry

Designed for

  • those relatively new to the industry (1-5 years experience) looking for a deeper understanding
  • those working in the energy industry who have limited knowledge of electricity markets
  • those working for companies that support the energy industry

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