Understanding today’s GB gas market

This course will be held from 10am – 12pm over three consecutive days.

Great Britain (GB) has one of most the liberalised gas markets in the world. To ensure the market can function effectively, a number of complex rules and processes support it. This course offers you extensive information on the current market landscape, helping you get to grips with the information necessary to operate in the market and to understand the role of gas in the decarbonising world.

Our experts explain the market design, the role of gas shippers, how the network (transportation) charges flow to users, and the outlook for the market as net zero targets are worked through into policy.

Areas of focus:

  • market design and frameworks
  • system balancing and gas trading principles
  • interlinks with other markets
  • legal and regulatory frameworks
  • political influences
  • costs and charges
  • possible future directions for the industry

Designed for:

  • those relatively new to the industry (1-5 years experience) looking for a deeper understanding
  • those working in the energy industry who have limited knowledge of gas markets
  • those working for companies that support the energy industry

Please contact us for more information training@cornwall-insight.com