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International market studies

International market studies

This service is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to the market, allowing users to easily understand the opportunities available, enabling them to focus on the most relevant jurisdictions.

Each market study will provide information on a range of standard topics:

  • Fundamentals, policy & governance: political risk, energy policy, macroeconomics, key government / regulatory bodies
  • Market design: data availability, production and generation resources, energy independence, energy storage, networks, interconnection, retail markets, metering, EU market integration
  • Market landscape: wholesale markets, consumption, networks & connections, retail, churn, heat 
  • Other markets & mechanisms: renewable subsidies, carbon prices, capacity markets, flexibility service procurement
  • Future developments: future generation, electrification of transport, electrification of heat, alternative fuels
  • Primary and secondary markets: M&A activity, deals 
  • Opportunities: identifying potential sectors for investment by new entrants

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