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Issue 364 | TNUoS tariffs

Issue 364 | TNUoS tariffs

Josephine Lord Josephine Lord Consultant

Transmission Network Use of System ChargesFinal TNUoS tariffs for 2014-15 4 February 2014 National Grid issued the final transmission network use of system (TNUoS) tariffs for 2014-15 on 31 January. Generation tariffs will rise on average by £1.01kW from 2013-14 due to a rise in the residual resulting from an increase in allowed revenue and a reduction in the charging base. The generation residual will rise to £5.81/kW and the small generator discount will increase from £7.55/kW to £8.96/kW. Forecast demand tariffs are expected to increase in all zones and on average by £4.70/kW, with the residual element ...

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