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Issue 402 | TNUoS tariffs

Issue 402 | TNUoS tariffs

Josephine Lord Josephine Lord Consultant

Transmission Use of System ChargesNational Grid Forecast TNUoS tariffs 2014–15 to 2018–19 16 May 2014 National Grid issued its five year forecast for TNUoS tariffs on 13 May. In a change from its updated 2015-16 forecast issued on 30 April (see Alert 01/05/14) it no longer assumes that CMP224 Cap on the Total TNUoS Target Revenue to be Recovered from Generation Users will be approved following ACER’s recommendation for changes to the Tariffication Guidelines in Regulation 838/2010. The forecasts are therefore based on the current 27:73 generation to demand split. The forecasts have been prepared based on the current methodology and also on CMP213 Project ...

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