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Issue 430 | P314

Issue 430 | P314

New ModificationP314 Reduction in PAR from 500MWh to 350MWh 8 September 2014 The modification proposed by First Utility on 5 September sets out to slightly alter the implementation approach to one element of the Electricity Balancing Significant Code Review (EBSCR) conclusions. It proposes to amend the main energy imbalance price calculation by reducing the Price Average Reference (PAR) volume from 500MWh to 350MWh with an implementation date of 2 January 2015. The modification also proposes that PAR reverts to PAR 500MWh on 5 November 2015. This modification follows P304 Reduction in PAR from 500MWh to 25MWh (see Alert 05/08/14), raised in May which would reduce the PAR value ...

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