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Issue 460 | TNUoS 2015-16

Issue 460 | TNUoS 2015-16

Josephine Lord Josephine Lord Consultant

National Grid––Transmission Use of System ChargesDraft TNUoS Tariffs for 2015-16 5 January 2015 National Grid issued draft transmission network use of system (TNUoS) tariffs for 2015-16 on 17 December. The forecast total transmission revenue to be recovered from TNUoS charges has increased from £2,633mn to £2,655mn which reflects a series of changes including additional revenue to fund the Caithness-Moray strategic wider works announced by Ofgem in December. The data used to calculate the locational element of tariffs will remain unchanged for the final tariffs, although the chargeable generation background that feeds into the residual tariff could change between ...

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