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Issue 481 | CMP241

Issue 481 | CMP241

Josephine Lord Josephine Lord Consultant

Ofgem decisionCMP241 TNUoS Demand Charges During Implementation of P272 31 March 2015 Ofgem approved this proposal on 30 March, which has been progressed under an urgent timetable. It was raised by National Grid in February to address an issue for transmission network use of system (TNUoS) demand charging caused by the implementation of P272 Mandatory Half Hourly Settlement for Profile Classes 5-8, which is due to be complete by 1 April 2016. National Grid proposed that for 2015-16 metering systems in Profile Classes (PCs) 5-8 that move to being half hourly (HH) settled after 1 April 2015 will be treated as non-half hourly (NHH) for the 2015-16 ...

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