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Issue 504 | CMP245 & CMP246

Issue 504 | CMP245 & CMP246

Josephine Lord Josephine Lord Consultant

New CUSC modification proposal CMP245/ CMP246 Introduction of New “Category 5 Intertripping Scheme” to Include System to System Intertrips in Relation to One-off Charges 14 July 2015 This proposal was raised by Tullymurdoch on 17 June and seeks to class a system-to-system intertrip within the CUSC as a new Category 5 intertrip in order to clarify its treatment in relation to one-off works. The proposer wants to clarify that for this type of intertrip no one-off charge should be levied because the intertrip has overall system benefits. Two CUSC proposals have been raised as the proposal impacts both charging and non-charging areas of ...

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