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Issue 608 | 2016-17 Winter Outlook

Issue 608 | 2016-17 Winter Outlook

Steven Britton Steven Britton Senior Analyst

National Grid consultation2016-17 Winter Outlook Consultation 12 July 2016 National Grid (NG) has laid out its initial Winter Outlook for 2016-17, expressing confidence that it has taken appropriate steps to support the operation of the electricity system, and that a diverse range of sources will ensure secure gas supply. Published on 8 July, the preliminary Outlook evaluated winter 2016-17 and presented a first look at security of supply for the electricity and gas systems. It judged that electricity margins will be similar to the forecast for winter 2015-16 with a de-rated margin of 5.5% (2.9GW) and a loss of load expectation of 0.9 hours ...

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