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Issue 689 | DCP289 Decision

Issue 689 | DCP289 Decision

Emilia Jagiello Emilia Jagiello Year in Industry

DCP289 Creation of Distribution Charging Methodology Development Group 8 February 2017 Headline Assessment 1  Assessment & Recommendation DCP289 was raised by South Eastern Power Networks on 16 December and proposes to formalise the creation of a new single standing working group as a forum for the use of system charging methodologies and other related topics within the DCUSA.The DCUSA Charging Methodology Development Group (DCMDG) will be a forum for discussion and development of Distribution Use of System (DUoS) charging methodologies and their application. The DCMDG will undertake the activities which were previously carried out by the Distribution Charging Methodology Forum (DCMF), the ...

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