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Issue 708 | ISG

Issue 708 | ISG

Tom Edwards Tom Edwards Senior Consultant

Imbalance Settlement Group 197 22 August 2017 Assessment Headlines Greenfrog Trading applied for and were granted a nonstandard Balancing Mechanism unit (BMU) for an embedded generation station and EDF applied for a metering dispensation for the site load at Hinkley Point C. CP1492 Causes and Treatment of Large Line Loss Factors was approved for implantation on 22 February 2018 and gives meter operator agent’s (MOAs) more information and guidance on submitting metering proving tests 1 Imbalance Settlement Group 197 1.1 ISG 197/02 Nonstandard BMU application Greenfrog Trading are applying for a non-standard Balancing Mechanism unit (BMU) for Barton Hill Power station. The site is made up of 15 1.4...

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