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Issue 865 | CMP316 TNUoS Arrangements for Co-located Generation Sites

Vicky Simonds Vicky Simonds Regulation Manager

CUSC Workgroup Meeting CMP316 TNUoS Arrangements for Co-located Generation Sites 20 June 2019 Robert Longden Assessment  1 = Critical Issue; 2 = Significant Commercial Impact; 3 = Intermediate Commercial Impact; 4 = Modest Commercial Impact; & 5 = No Obvious Commercial Impact. Attendees: Chaired by Chrissie Brown, proposer Eleanor Horn and Matthew Bent (National Grid) and eight workgroup members including Robert Longden (Cornwall Insight)   Headlines This was the first meeting of the workgroup CMP316, raised by National Grid, seeks to develop a cost- reflective methodology for CUSC charging arrangements to properly deal with co-located generation sites. These are generation sites which comprise multiple technology types within one Power Station The ...

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