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Issue 870 | CUSC Workgroup Meeting

CUSC Workgroup Meeting CMP295 Contractual Arrangements for Virtual Lead Parties (Project TERRE) 9 July 2019 Robert Longden   Assessment 1 = Critical Issue; 2 = Significant Commercial Impact; 3 = Intermediate Commercial Impact; 4 = Modest Commercial Impact; & 5 = No Obvious Commercial Impact. Attendees: Chaired by Joseph Henry, with proposer representative Grahame Neale (National Grid) and six work group members including Robert Longden (Cornwall Insight)    Headlines The workgroup convened to finalise the report, prior to submission to the CUSC Panel. No workgroup alternatives have been raised The legal text together with CUSC Schedule 2 Exhibit 7 was reviewed National Grid Electricity System Operator undertook to consider further the implications for the Grid Code of the issues identified under CMP295 and the linkages between BSC accession and CUSC requirements as part of overall industry framework development. The intention is to ensure that obligations placed on service providers such as Virtual Load Parties are not unduly onerous Workgroup members unanimously endorsed the proposal. The report will be presented to the July CUSC Panel Dependent on decision timetables, implementation in the CUSC is likely to be October or November 2019, if approved by Ofgem 1. Background CMP295 raised by National Grid Electricity System Operator (NGESO), aims to facilitate Grid Code compliance for Virtual Lead Parties (VLPs). Under P344 Implementation of Project TERRE into GB Arrangements , VLPs will be created as new entrants to the market and will, in their capacity as the aggregator of Supplier Volume Allocation (SVA)-registered generating units, participate in the provision of services under Project TERRE. GC097 Grid Code Processes ...

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