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Issue 872 | BSC Panel

Tom Edwards Tom Edwards Senior Modelling Consultant

Assessment 1 = Critical Issue; 2 = Significant Commercial Impact; 3 = Intermediate Commercial Impact; 4 = Modest Commercial Impact; & 5 = N o Obvious Commercial Impact Attendees Included – BSC Panel Members Headlines The derogation request for Project TERRE has been submitted by National Grid Electricity System Operator (NGESO). Wider Balancing Mechanism access is still likely to go ahead in December 2019 and the TERRE elements of P344 Project TERRE Implementati on into GB Arrangements will remain dormant NGESO provided an update on its Article 18 process with respect to the Electricity Balancing Guidelines, which would include the creation of a new step in modifications which affected Article 18 T&Cs, which NGESO is proposing to delegate to Elexon The Panel approved the implementation of two new fuel types for interconnectors. However, this will not go live disaggregated initially due to the interaction with other required work 1 BSC Panel meeting This is a meeting report of the BSC Panel meeting that was held on 11 July 2019 at Elexon’s offices, London. 2 Modifications update 2.1 BSC Change Report There are 24 total open changes in the BSC, including seven issues, two Change proposals and 15 modifications. A new Issue, Issue 84, was raised on 10 July and aims to provide continuity for Radio Tele-switching (RTS) services, which are currently contracted between the BBC and Energy Networks Association. RTS is used to switch between registers for Economy Seven meters and it has been determined smart meters cannot support the replacement of load-switching devices. The issue group will look at how the costs of the RTS can be ...

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