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Issue 873 | Transmission Charging Methodologies Forum

Assessment 1 = Critical Issue; 2 = Significant Commercial Impact; 3 = Intermediate Commercial Impact; 4 = Modest Commercial Impact; & 5 = No Obvious Commercial Impact Attendees: Chaired by Jon Wisdom and assisted by Rachel Hinsley and Mike Oxenham. There were 19 attendees at the meeting representing a range of industry parties, including Robert Longden (Cornwall Insight). Headlines The parameters used to determine transmission charging generation zones are under review. Use of the current parameters would lead to an excessive number of zones. Two options being considered are a revision of zoning criteria or aligning generation zones with existing demand zones National Grid Electricity System Operator (NGESO) has set out an ambition was to “transform” the process to amend the codes it administers, allowing strategic change to be prioritised and implemented efficiently, while ensuring incremental improvements can be made quickly. Further engagement on the issue is planned NGESO is considering the providing a Balancing Services Use of System management service. The work is at an early stage and will need significant work to assess its feasibility and financing costs • CMP319 Consequential Changes to Section 11 of the CUSC as a result of CMP280 and/or 281 had been raised in June. The primary change under CMP319 would be the incorporation and definition of “storage” as a class CMP285 CUSC Governance Reform has been approved by Ofgem and implemented, changing certain aspects of the Panel election process. Nominations for the next Panel election close on 29 July A second industry consultation on Queue Management and Interactivity will be published ...

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