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Issue 875 | Charging Futures Forum

Charging Futures Forum 4 July 2019 Robert Longden   Assessment   Supplier/ shipper Generator/ producer Transmission/ networks Large consumers Potential impact - electricity 2 2 3 4 1 = Critical Issue; 2 = Significant Commercial Impact; 3 = Intermediate Commercial Impact; 4 = Modest Commercial Impact; & 5 = No Obvious Commercial Impact. Attendees: Chaired by Gareth Davies (NGESO), Andy Burgess and Jon Parker (Ofgem) with speakers from Ofgem and NGESO. There were around 60 stakeholders attending, representing a range of industry parties, including Robert Longden (Cornwall Insight).   Headlines The Charging Futures Forum provided an update on both the Targeted Charging Review (TCR) and Network Access and Charging Review (NAFLC) initiatives The next steps for the NAFLC work were the publication of two working papers (one expected in the next few weeks and the other later this year), followed by draft directions to industry in Summer 2020 The first will contain an initial overview and assessment of options for access rights, better locational Distribution Use of System signals and charge design. It will also cover the links between access, charging and procurement of flexibility The second working paper will deal with the treatment of small users, distribution connection charging and “focussed” transmission charging reforms Ofgem has published a consultation on the modelling used in its TCR work, which included modelling with no Capacity Market (CM) in place. The modelling suggests that there are still positive consumer benefits from the proposed reforms, similar to that with the CM in place Direction on required TCR reforms and timing/implementation will be published later this year, probably in ...

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