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Issue 838 | UNC Unidentified Gas Workgroup

Steven Britton Steven Britton Senior Consulting Analyst

UNC Unidentified Gas (UIG) Workgroup 16 June 2020 Assessment  Headlines Xoserve acknowledged that splitting UNC664 Transfer of Sites with Low Read Submission Performance from Class 2 and 3 into Class implementation over the Switching Programme may push costs up, but SSE provided estimations that the modification could correct the misallocation of large sums of UIG. Xoserve noted around 170,000 Class 3 sites had not submitted a read in at least three months. Xoserve presented a range of options under UNC693R Treatment of kWh Error Arising from Statutory Volume-energy Conversion, which will be considered in more detail at the next meeting. SGN’s drafting ...

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