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Issue 852 | UNC Panel

Steven Britton Steven Britton Senior Consulting Analyst

UNC Panel Meeting 15 October 2020 Assessment Headlines The Panel approved UNC710 CDSP Provision of Class 1 Read Service and UNC691 CDSP to Convert Class 2, 3 or 4 Supply Meter Points to Class 1 when G1.6.15 Criteria are Met for implementation. UNC738 Incremental NTS Entry Capacity Surrender and UNC739 Aggregate Overrun Regime for Original Capacity Held at the Bacton ASEPs were sent to workgroup for development. UNC730 COVID-19 Capacity Retention Process was sent to consultation until 5 November The Panel heard that UNC726 COVID-19 Liquidity Relief Scheme for Shippers had now expired, with a total of £23.86mn worth of network charges having been deferred. 1 Updates on ...

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