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Issue 527 - 03/11/17

Issue 527 - 03/11/17

Steven Britton Steven Britton Senior Analyst

1 Headlines 1.1 New proposals, consultations & decisions Two new modifications have been raised since the last register: Centrica’s UNC638 Mandate Monthly Read Submission for Smart and AMR Sites from 01 April 2017, raised 30 October Centrica’s UNC619B Application of Proportionate Ratchet Charges to Daily Read Sites, raised 31 October No new consultations have been issued since the last register. Two consultations close before a week on Friday (17 November): E.ON’s UNC637S Amending the Permissions to Release Data to Meter Asset Provider Organisations, closing 9 November BP’s UNC607 Amendment to Gas Quality NTS Entry Specification at the ...

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